Recipe: Frosting: Ms. B gets into a Halloween spirit by making a step by step tutorial on making Halloween-Themed Cupcakes. 

By: NJHS Secretary Mark H. In late September, Ebola came to America in the form of Thomas Duncan. Ebola is a very dangerous disease that causes internal bleeding, seizures, loss of consciousness, and sometimes death. Ebola has a death rate of about 50-60% according to BBC and it has caused the death of more than […]

Are you up to date with what’s in style for the fall season? If not check out the Styler! (Many more fall outfit’s to come)

By: Jack H. Download the word search by clicking the link below.

By: Dylan and Brennen Since Week 8… Quarter Backs: Peyton Manning Why? he is a smart QB with a good arm and is very accurate. Aaron Rodgers Why? Aaron Rodgers has been very successful and is an all-around great passer. Andrew Luck Why? Luck is very young, already shows he is a great leader, and […]

By: Anita Y. You are trapped in a room, with two doors and one leads to treasure beyond your wildest dreams, the other, is very unlucky and brings bad fortune in your future. Two people are in the room with you. A man and a woman. One, a liar. The other can only speak the […]

By: Sarah Z. Eyeball Wreath: This decoration is perfect for your door on Halloween night. Your wreath will be watching the many trick-or-treaters passing your door, both impressing and scaring them. To make this you will need a foam wreath, white ping pong balls, a hot glue gun, and various sizes of googly eyes. First, […]