NJHS Ebola Fundraiser

By: NJHS Secretary Mark H.

In late September, Ebola came to America in the form of Thomas Duncan.

Ebola is a very dangerous disease that causes internal bleeding, seizures, loss of consciousness, and sometimes death. Ebola has a death rate of about 50-60% according to BBC and it has caused the death of more than four thousand people in West Africa. Ebola continues to infect many more people. To combat this problem and to help keep Americans safe, America has put guidelines on all public travel and has even created an Ebola hotline.

NJHS has decided to do its part in fighting the Ebola outbreak during the first week of November, specifically, November 3 – November 7.  NJHS plans to raise money to help eradicate Ebola by collecting money to donate to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

We will do this by playing the Jar Guess Game.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a jar guess; let me explain it.  The jar will contain an unknown amount of cotton balls and you then pay one dollar and guess the amount of cotton balls, you then place your guess into a teachers bin. The teachers that receive the closest guesses in their jar will be participating in a fun and crazy relay in the next the pep assembly. This will be a great and fun way to show our support!

NFL Top Five Player For Each Position

By: Dylan and Brennen

Since Week 8…

Quarter Backs:

  1. Peyton Manning

Why? he is a smart QB with a good arm and is very accurate.

  1. Aaron Rodgers

Why? Aaron Rodgers has been very successful and is an all-around great passer.

  1. Andrew Luck

Why? Luck is very young, already shows he is a great leader, and can also throw the ball very well.

  1. Drew Brees

Why? Brees has been a great player for years. He is still throwing great passes and is very accurate.

  1. Phillip Rivers

Why? He is having a very good season this year, he is in the top 10 in touchdowns and his team is also doing well.

Running Backs:

  1. DeMarco Murray

Why? He has been having a great season, he is an one-set back and he has fumbled a couple of times, but other than that, he is an fast physical running back.

  1. Jamaal Charles

Why? He is the most elusive player in the league, and he was injured early, but he has come back strong and can’t be stopped.

  1. Marshawn Lynch

Why? He is a physical beast, and is having a good start, he is also getting a lot of touches, so that’s why.

  1. Le’Veon Bell

Why? He has one of the best statistics and is the main carrier on the Steelers, if he keeps this up, he will be great.

  1. LeSean McCoy

Why? He is elusive running back and he didn’t have a great season to start, but he is getting better.

Wide Receivers:

  1. Calvin Johnson

Why? He is a very tall beast, he has an high vertical leap and can snatch it out of the air. He is Megatron.

  1. Brandon Marshall

Why? He is the number 1 target in Chicago, which is a very pass-happy offense. He is fast and strong, and there is not a better package.

  1.  A.J Green

Why? He is been getting a decent amount of passes from a ok quarterback. If he keeps up what he has, he will stay where he is, but if Andy Dalton picks up A.J will have a great season.

  1. Dez Bryant

Why? He is a great athlete, but has an attitude that gets in the way of how good he is. He can jump as high as Megatron and is as fast as A.J Green, but he hasn’t had as good of a season.

  1. Demaryius Thomas

Why? He is a big target in Denver with Peyton Manning. He is a good route runner and is quick. He just didn’t start well.

Tight Ends:

  1. Julius Thomas

Why? He has the most touchdowns and can’t be stopped. He even said he is the best. He will continue to be great for the season.

  1. Jimmy Graham

Why? He is a physical beast. And is the best player on the team. He is being thrown to by Drew Brees.

  1. Vernon Davis

Why? He isn’t having a super great season so far, but he has the possibilities and sparks of potential.

  1. Rob Grownkowski

Why? He has been pretty good so far, but he isn’t as good as he used be before his injury.

  1. Antonio Gates

Why? He is having a really good season so far this season and is looking good.

Top 5 Defenses in the League

  1. Lions

Why? The team has had the most turnovers so far, but the record doesn’t show it because the offense is horrible.

  1. Texans

Why? They have J.J Watt on the defensive line and they have Jadeveon Clowney.

  1. Chargers

Why? San Diego’s defense has a good group of linebackers and a top tier secondary.

  1. Seahawks

Why? They are not as good as they were last year. Yet they have a lot of good players.

  1. The Eagles

Why? There record states for its self. They are not as known because of there great offense.

Brain Teasers!

By: Anita Y.

  1. You are trapped in a room, with two doors and one leads to treasure beyond your wildest dreams, the other, is very unlucky and brings bad fortune in your future. Two people are in the room with you. A man and a woman. One, a liar. The other can only speak the truth. You can only ask ONE question to only ONE of them to get the treasure door, but… you do not know what door is what or what person is the liar. What question do you ask?
  2. A father, mother, child, butler, maid, and cook live in a circle shaped house. The mother and father go out shopping. When they return they child has been kidnapped! They know it was the butler the maid or the cook. When they ask what they were doing when they were shopping, the maid replies, “Why, I was cleaning your desk.” The butler says “I was dusting the walls.” The cook says “I think your lunch out on the table says enough.” The parents look, and there is the lunch on the table, so it wasn’t the cook. Who was it
  3. What are the three days of the week that start with “t”?

Answer #1: You would ask “what door is the other person going to say leads to treasure?”

Answer #2: The butler took the child. Look Carefully at what the butler says

Answer #3: Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow!

Halloween Decorations

By: Sarah Z.

Eyeball Wreath: This decoration is perfect for your door on Halloween night. Your wreath will be watching the many trick-or-treaters passing your door, both impressing and scaring them. To make this you will need a foam wreath, white ping pong balls, a hot glue gun, and various sizes of googly eyes. First, attach your white ping pong balls all over the front of the foam wreath, layer them to create a more bug eyed look. Next, use your hot glue gun to attach the different google eyes on every single ping pong ball. Place your homemade wreath on your door with a door hanger on Halloween night.

Glowing Ghosts: These are great for parties. To make this, you will need a black marker, green glow sticks, and white balloons. The first step is to bend your glow stick to make it light up. Insert it in your balloon and inflate it with helium to make it float. Next, using your black marker, draw a face. Repeat until desired amount. Last but not least, place ghosts around your house.

Frankenstein Door- If you have a green door, this is the perfect decoration for you. Use a piece of black felt to make the hair. To draw your design on the felt, use white chalk. Tape it to the top of your door. Next make the eyes. Use white felt and cut out large circles. Use black felt to cut out smaller circles. Glue your black circles on your white circles to create eyes. Tape them on the door. Cut out a black line for the mouth, cut a scar shape out of black felt and tape it on the forehead of the frankenstein door. Now your Frankenstein is ready for Halloween.