Astrophysics: Dust to dust

By: Verdhaan S.

Dr.Linde and Dr. Kuo are scientists who studied a satellite that was sent out to discover information about the Big Bang.

Dr. Linde and Dr. Kuo  worked on a project in 1980 about a theory about cosmic inflation which says that, when the big bang happened it was expanding faster than the speed of light for a short duration. Only some experts believed this theory. When Dr. Kuo visited Dr. Linde, he told her that there is now evidence  because of the work a telescope completed in Antarctica called BICEP-2.

The Plancks, a European space telescope, are doubting the BICEP-2’s information. BICEP-2 is lead by John Kovac of Harvard University, had been studying the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB);a weak bath of radiation, left over from the Big Bang, that suffuses the universe. Not only would the BICEP result have confirmed the theory of inflation, but studying the gravitational waves it purported to have found would have helped cosmologist look at the earliest moments of the universe. The Plancks are starting a project to deny the BICEP-2. Both the BICEP and Plancks member’s could be wrong. No information has came out about their discoveries yet but cosmologists