Brain Teasers!

By: Anita Y.

  1. You are trapped in a room, with two doors and one leads to treasure beyond your wildest dreams, the other, is very unlucky and brings bad fortune in your future. Two people are in the room with you. A man and a woman. One, a liar. The other can only speak the truth. You can only ask ONE question to only ONE of them to get the treasure door, but… you do not know what door is what or what person is the liar. What question do you ask?
  2. A father, mother, child, butler, maid, and cook live in a circle shaped house. The mother and father go out shopping. When they return they child has been kidnapped! They know it was the butler the maid or the cook. When they ask what they were doing when they were shopping, the maid replies, “Why, I was cleaning your desk.” The butler says “I was dusting the walls.” The cook says “I think your lunch out on the table says enough.” The parents look, and there is the lunch on the table, so it wasn’t the cook. Who was it
  3. What are the three days of the week that start with “t”?

Answer #1: You would ask “what door is the other person going to say leads to treasure?”

Answer #2: The butler took the child. Look Carefully at what the butler says

Answer #3: Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow!