By: Shreeya S.

Ebola is an infectious and generally fatal disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding. Ebola has been spreading across Africa and doctors all across the world come to help the people who have it. They need special suits to help them because Ebola is highly contagious. There is no cure for Ebola that can kill the virus but research scientist are working on a new vaccine that can prevent the infection. Ebola started in West Africa and about 4,400 people died because of Ebola there. At least 17 Ebola cases have been treated outside of West Africa in the current outbreak, including two Dallas hospital workers who have tested positive for Ebola. More than 400 health care workers in West Africa have been infected with Ebola during the current outbreak, and 233 have died as of October 8, 2014. The prevention of Ebola is still a very challenging task as it is still unknown how humans really contract the disease. Symptoms of Ebola include fever, severe headache, vomiting, muscle pain, weakness, diarrhea, and abdominal (stomach) pain. The picture (below) shows Ebola virus mutating rapidly. Ebola is a big consequence in Africa and it is now getting to the U.S.