Enterovirus D68

By Ani and Anmol

Enterovirus D68, also known as Human Rhinovirus 87, is a respiratory illness that has killed 7 people including a Michigan 4-year old toddler. The 68th mutation of the original Enterovirus D68 is an incurable disease. There is no vaccine either. First spotted in 1962 in isolation, it has slowly spread throughout the world. Sometimes, though rarely, it can cause paralysis and brain swelling. A few kids in Colorado have been paralyzed due to D68.

Although D68 has no vaccine you can lower your risk of infection with basic hygiene like washing your hands. People who have asthma need to be careful because kids with asthma have a higher chance of infection . D68 is also transferred by skin and touching. If you have a family member with D68, do not touch any of his/her possessions. This increases the risk of getting the infection.






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