Exciting Pranks for Halloween

By: Eric Z.

Moving Pumpkins

This is self-explanatory, just move random pumpkins to different people’s houses.

Christmas Caroling

Surprise neighbors by caroling when they open their doors, you might get money too.

Jello Worms

Simply melt Jello add 15 drops or more of red food coloring and pour it into a cup with a giant bundle of straws and wait. Hand them out during Halloween

Gummy Eye Drinks

Simply buy a few gummy eyeballs and freeze them in an ice cube. Stick it any person’s drink a watch their reaction.


Instead of giving out candy,  be the person on the street who “forgot” Halloween and give out random vegetables.

Random Eyes

Cut out eye shapes into cardboard tubes a stick a red or green glowstick into it and leave it near bushes or hang from trees.

Living Lawn Decor

Dress up as your lawn decor or a scarecrow for Halloween and stay on your front yard. When people come near scare them by moving slightly of jerking your arms.

Caramel Onions

Do the classic caramel apple recipe, but replace it with onions. Hand them out for Halloween.

Spray Chalk

I don’t suggest you to do this one because it might cause damage. Search for a spray chalk recipe and use a spray paint to draw on peoples driveway. It’s washable so don’t worry about their driveway.

Mentos Coke

Freeze Mentos in ice cubes and serve with diet coke, it will create a messy, hysterical prank.