Halloween Decorations

By: Sarah Z.

Eyeball Wreath: This decoration is perfect for your door on Halloween night. Your wreath will be watching the many trick-or-treaters passing your door, both impressing and scaring them. To make this you will need a foam wreath, white ping pong balls, a hot glue gun, and various sizes of googly eyes. First, attach your white ping pong balls all over the front of the foam wreath, layer them to create a more bug eyed look. Next, use your hot glue gun to attach the different google eyes on every single ping pong ball. Place your homemade wreath on your door with a door hanger on Halloween night.

Glowing Ghosts: These are great for parties. To make this, you will need a black marker, green glow sticks, and white balloons. The first step is to bend your glow stick to make it light up. Insert it in your balloon and inflate it with helium to make it float. Next, using your black marker, draw a face. Repeat until desired amount. Last but not least, place ghosts around your house.

Frankenstein Door- If you have a green door, this is the perfect decoration for you. Use a piece of black felt to make the hair. To draw your design on the felt, use white chalk. Tape it to the top of your door. Next make the eyes. Use white felt and cut out large circles. Use black felt to cut out smaller circles. Glue your black circles on your white circles to create eyes. Tape them on the door. Cut out a black line for the mouth, cut a scar shape out of black felt and tape it on the forehead of the frankenstein door. Now your Frankenstein is ready for Halloween.