How to Make a Last Minute Halloween Costume

By: Jack H.

Vampire costume

What you need

  • Collared shirt (white or red)
  • Cape (you can get it at a halloween store)
  • Black pants (preferably pocketless)
  • White makeup
  • Plastic Fangs
  • Red makeup
  • Fake blood
  • Transylvanian accent

Step 1

Get a white collared shirt.  If it is French collared, buy a spooky cufflink for it. If you are going to Halloween party you could use some fake blood on your shirt for an extra effect.

Step 2

Buy a black cape, preferably having red on the inside. If you can sew, attach a cape with a red inside. For a realistic feel sew on collar that pops up.

Step 3

Get black pants. Black dress pants are the best for the costume. Be sure it has no shiny buttons. Keep an extra set of fangs in your pocket.

Step 4

Put on white make-up. To practice your Transylvanian accent say the letter “A” like you are at the doctor’s office.