My Top 10 Halloween Candy

By: Kira M.

  1. Hershey’s Chocolate Bars: this chocolate is on the list for being some of the best chocolate around for a low price. Not to mention, Hershey is loved by many Americans nationwide.
  2. Nerds Candy: these come in many different flavors, and in cute little boxes. There are many in each box, so they are perfect for a Halloween party and to share with your friends.
  3. M&Ms: not only is the chocolate great, they are covered in a sugary, colorful coating that melts in your mouth. Also, don’t forget those hilarious commercials.
  4. Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy. While these may be slightly annoying when they stick to your teeth, the vibrant flavors, of this slightly less well known candy, make up for it.
  5. Werther’s Hard Candy. These caramel flavored discs of delight will have you in love at first taste. Don’t hesitate to buy these tasty treats for Halloween.
  6. Haribo Gummy Bears. Almost everyone has had a gummy bear, but the most high quality gummy bears you can get would definitely be Haribo. They are the 5th best candy on the list.
  7. Kit Kat Bars. These are great to share with friends because they are breakable. These chocolate covered wafers will have you head over heels for Kit Kat bars.
  8. Milk Duds Candies. I know, they ALWAYS get stuck on your teeth, but it’s worth it for milk duds. Milk Duds will bring you so much joy, it’s unbelievable.
  9. Laffy Taffy.  This cheap version of saltwater taffy is still amazing, not to mention those funny –I mean punny–  jokes! Get some sugar and have a laugh with your friends on Halloween.
  10. Twix Bars. There are no words. I cannot think of something to describe the greatness of Twix. I don’t know how they do it, but they are so delicious, I don’t even care. If you do not know what Twix Bars are, you have not lived. I am not even exaggerating.