NJHS Ebola Fundraiser

By: NJHS Secretary Mark H.

In late September, Ebola came to America in the form of Thomas Duncan.

Ebola is a very dangerous disease that causes internal bleeding, seizures, loss of consciousness, and sometimes death. Ebola has a death rate of about 50-60% according to BBC and it has caused the death of more than four thousand people in West Africa. Ebola continues to infect many more people. To combat this problem and to help keep Americans safe, America has put guidelines on all public travel and has even created an Ebola hotline.

NJHS has decided to do its part in fighting the Ebola outbreak during the first week of November, specifically, November 3 – November 7.  NJHS plans to raise money to help eradicate Ebola by collecting money to donate to the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

We will do this by playing the Jar Guess Game.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a jar guess; let me explain it.  The jar will contain an unknown amount of cotton balls and you then pay one dollar and guess the amount of cotton balls, you then place your guess into a teachers bin. The teachers that receive the closest guesses in their jar will be participating in a fun and crazy relay in the next the pep assembly. This will be a great and fun way to show our support!