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By: Brennen D. and Dylan H. Recently Peyton manning broke a record for the most touchdown passes. Recently he broke the record and got 500 touchdown passes in his total career. Currently, he plays for the Denver Broncos, he was drafted 1st round pick into the NFL in 1995. He is 6 foot 5 inches […]

By: Sydney G. Halloween has just passed, along with the pumpkin carving season. Although carving a pumpkin can be a fun experience, it’s equally tiring and requires a lot of patience. Thanks to Tony Dighera, an experienced pumpkin farmer, there’s a new way to have a creepy and cool pumpkin for Halloween. Dighera has been […]

By: Kira M. 1 GRIMPIL ______________ 2 YUKTER ______________ 3 RAREBRCYN __________ 4 NORC _________________ 5 FUHLTANK ____________ 6 BORNCDAER __________ 7 DOOF _________________ 8 STAFE ________________ 9 ORNCOUPAIC __________ 10 FUTSGINF _____________ 11 SEVAEL _______________ 12 BEGLOB ______________ 13 GAHTNINVIKS ____________ Answers: pilgrim, turkey, cranberry, corn, thankful, cornbread, food, feast, cornucopia, stuffing, leaves, gobble, […]

By: Anita Y. T A Q Q U Z X J I L S C P K B D C H P H S H L U F K N A H T E R N R R W P J I E B G A K D Z G C U U O A […]

By: Kira M. Thanksgiving is coming up, and one thing you think of when you hear Thanksgiving is turkeys. This November, our Instagram feeds will be filled with pictures of turkeys. But you don’t want yours to look like your average, boring turkey, do you? We can do better than that. Here is a step-by-step […]