By: Anmol D. This year’s Red Ribbon Week has been explosive. A whopping 25/25 doors were decorated. The winning advisories were 5th grade: Mrs. LaRoi, 6th grade: Mrs.Frantom, 7th grade: Mrs.Rickert, and 8th grade: Mr. Joneikis and Ms. Bosley/Mrs. Gaunky. Thank you to all the kids who dressed up for Red Ribbon week. Over a […]

By Advik N. and Sashank C. Sony is making a virtual reality helmet for the PS4. We think it looks pretty awesome. When you wear the helmet it looks like you are actually in the video game. The helmet rest on your head. Then you tighten the straps to make it stay there. There are […]

By: Zach C. The first Tuesday of November is a day that makes our country great, election day. This midterm, the Republican Party gained majorities in Senate and in the House of the Representatives. Our great country has new elected representation in Washington, and in our state, Illinois. In the governor race in Illinois Republican, […]

By: Brennen and Dylan Forwards: Sidney Crosby is by far the best forward in the NHL, with 80 games played he has 36 goals and 68 assists. Alex Ovechkin is just behind 1st place, playing 78 games, owning 58 goals, and 21 assists. Steven Stamkos made it to 3rd place with only 37 games played, […]

By: Dexter D. Sometimes vocabulary can go insane, but it can also spice up your word choice in formal writing or casual conversations. Here are a few examples of advanced vocabulary you might run into. acquiesce (v.) to agree without protesting Though Mr. Pospieszny wanted to stay outside and work in his garage, when his […]

By Sydney G. In honor of Thanksgiving, the Wright Way Club from Daniel Wright JHS is hosting a food drive for the Vernon Township Food Pantry from November third to fourteenth. Students and staff, please bring in nonperishable foods, pasta, instant potatoes, crackers, baked beans, kleenex, toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels, cookies, jello cups, […]