Virtual Reality Helmets

By Advik N. and Sashank C.

Sony is making a virtual reality helmet for the PS4. We think it looks pretty awesome. When you wear the helmet it looks like you are actually in the video game. The helmet rest on your head. Then you tighten the straps to make it stay there. There are two controllers that let you hold objects and let them go. For example if your are playing a medieval video game, then you could hold swords. To swing objects around you just swing the controllers up and down or side to side. You have a controller for each hand, and there is a button on each controller.  You press and hold the button to hold objects and you let go of the button to let the objects go. The front of the helmet that you look into is very bulky. A lot of people think the helmet is conspicuous. It is very comfortable, but there are a lot of lights that cover it. Those lights combine with the light from the controllers. Once you are in the game you might not feel like you look weird, but a giant helmet with lights on your head is not an everyday sight. There is no release date for this product yet. Sony has nailed this type of technology. If you have a Playstation 4 and you’ve always wanted virtual reality to become a reality then you can look forward to this technology.