Who Won the Midterm Elections This Year?

By: Zach C.

The first Tuesday of November is a day that makes our country great, election day. This midterm, the Republican Party gained majorities in Senate and in the House of the Representatives. Our great country has new elected representation in Washington, and in our state, Illinois. In the governor race in Illinois Republican, Bruce Rauner beat out Pat Quinn, a Democrat. In the race for national representative a Republican, Robert Dold, won against Brad Schneider in District 10. Our state did not contribute to the Republican majority in the Senate, for we elected Dick Durbin, a Democrat, over Jim Oberweis, who owns a milk company in the area. Leslie Munger, a local Republican, lost in a state representative race to Carol Sente, who won in our local election. This year there was no presidential election, but in two year’s time we will vote to bring a new president into the White House. Hopefully, until then Congress will create positive change in our fantastic country.