By: Kira M.

Thanksgiving is coming up, and one thing you think of when you hear Thanksgiving is turkeys. This November, our Instagram feeds will be filled with pictures of turkeys. But you don’t want yours to look like your average, boring turkey, do you? We can do better than that. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to make your turkey look perfect; ranging from the perfect angle to which filter is most preferable.

Step 1. The best angle for the turkey is the sideways angle. it just changes things up a bit, you know?

Step 2. Time for the filter! Use “X-PRO II” at about 40 percent. This will enhance the colors, but not to the point where your bird looks unnatural.

Step 3. The button with the sun is called “LUX”. Use this at about 10 percent.

Step 4. For brightness, put it at about -20 so it looks sophisticated.

Step 5. Let’s be honest, contrast does not always look natural, but if you use a value under 30 you can probably get away with it. I recommend about 25 for contrast.

Step 6. The warmth should be about 20 on the gauge. A good rule for warmth is to increase it if your picture is of a warm color, or decrease it if your picture is a cool color.

Step 7. Just so your turkey doesn’t look fake, drop down the saturation to -5 percent. It won’t do much, but it’s the little things that create one big, beautiful picture.

Step 8. This may sound weird, but I’ve found putting the highlights on -100 makes the photo look MUCH more defined and of high quality.

Step 9. The shadows can be on -60 percent. This makes more shadows to give the eye more to look at.

Step 10. There’s no point in posting this AMAZING photo if nobody will see it! You have to have the best hashtags. Here’s my list of hashtags to put with your turkey: #TURKEY #THANKSGIVING #FOOD #GOODEATS #YUM #DELICIOUS #DINNER #PILGRIMS #GOODFOOD #THANKSGIVINGDINNER

Step 11. Customize. Truth is, I don’t know what your turkey looks like. If you feel like one of the steps above doesn’t match your turkey, change it! The goal is to make it as pretty as possible. And if you’re feeling SUPER brave, even take a selfie with the turkey! Yolo, right?