The Tesla Model X

By: Ani V.

The Tesla model X is an upcoming car that is helpful for our environment, and also special and remarkable. It has two trunks, three rear view cameras, and falcon doors. Also an interesting mention is that this car is a S.U.V which means it can fit 7 people. Don’t worry these are only a few features to the car, there is more to this beauty!


Falcon doors are doors that don’t open like a regular cars. Instead they open all the way up to the top of the car. You may be wondering why they open like this. Well, for design everyone wants a car that is stylish and fashionable. It also makes it easier for the doors to open in very narrow spots.


This car is helpful to our environment because it is an electric car, which means it does not run on gas. It actually runs on a battery. This car has two trunks. This may be confusing, but it is actually very simple. Since this is an electric car, it has a trunk in front of the car and also behind the car. This allows more things to fit into the car. This car may seem wide, but actually goes from 0 miles to 60 miles in just 5 seconds! That means this car is very fast. Also for safety, there are three rear view cameras, all showing different views behind the car.

This car is very fast, fashionable, and helpful for our environment. It has a lot of abilities and is very attractive. This car also helps people stay safe. This car is the next part of the future.