By: Shreeya S.

Hypoglycemia has caused a lot of trouble to people. It is when the glucose goes below 70 mg/dL. Glucose is blood sugar, depending on the level of blood sugar, you could get hypoglycemia.17% of the world have hypoglycemia and one out of twenty of the people die from it. Occasionally, it occurs in people being treated by diabetes (type one or two).  Glucagon controls the level of glucose in the bloodstream. If the blood sugar is too low, it can cause nauseosus, headaches, dizziness, and if it is severe,you can get a coma or a seizure. There is another type of glucagon which is synthetic and it gets injected in the bloodstream. It is a human version of glucagon, it’s genetically engineered and it is made by a bacteria called E Coli.

Hypoglycemia affects so many people because they can’t do as much. For example: you can not exercise a lot because the glucose stored in your muscle gets burned and that drops the blood sugar level drops, so you can get a hypoglycemic episode. Your body needs to exercise but you have to go at a slow and steady pace. Too much exercise can make your blood sugar go low and you could get hypoglycemia. Another way people have to watch out for hypoglycemia is the quantity of food they eat. People who have hypoglycemia have to eat food which is just the right amount. It is hard to look out for your health because a lot of the food is getting processed and contains a lot of sugar. If you are not cautious, many bad things can happen to you.

It is also a little painful because you has to check your blood sugar level often to find if your glucose level is too high or low. To check the blood sugar level, you prick your finger, then the glucose tester will take the blood in. From there it will tell your glucose level.You have to check it 2-5 times a day. If the glucose tester calculates that the level is below 70 mg/dL, you need more glucagon in your bloodstream. If it is more than 135 mg/dL (hyperglycemia) you need to exercise a lot and lose glucose. The healthy level of blood sugar is between 90 and 110. The glucose tester is a big part of people who have hypoglycemia because they rely on it to help them tell if your glucose level is too low.

Dog Abuse

Guest Post from Service Learning Class: Jeffrey

Dog abuse is very aggressive and sad. People choose to hurt innocent animals for no reason at all. People choke, shoot, drown, and hang the dog just for entertainment. The most abused animal in the world is the dog. People also set the dogs on fire and watch them burn to death. You can stop dog abuse by calling the cops and by letting people know around your neighborhood that there is a person that abused their dog.

Signs of dog abuse:

1 leaving animal outside 24/7 through harsh weather

2 the constant stress of the dog

3 lots of bones showing from under the skin

4 lots of shaking from the dog

5 lots of flinching from the dog

Dog abuse and fighting is illegal but people do not listen. Who would enjoy killing such a smart and cute living animal? Thousands of dogs around the world get abused and attacked by people. Dog fighting is a highly illegal activity done by many people. In this activity there is two dogs that people buy and give them drugs to make them stronger for this activity. When the people put the dogs in the ring there is a guy that tells the owners to let the dogs go and then they fight. The only way the fight ends is if one of the dogs die or are not able to fight anymore. The money prize for this activity can be up to 50,000 dollars. If one of the dogs lose the owner of that dog will either kill the dog or constantly hit it. Most dogfights have bait dogs. Bait dogs are little puppies that can’t fight back. They get very hurt or can die. If you ever see dog fighting happening call the police because the dog fighters could have weapons and you could get hurt or killed.

Valentines Day Facts and Statistics

By: Kira M.

Valentine’s Day is romantic- and EXPENSIVE! It also tends to have a different meaning in different countries. Let’s take a look.

USA Statistics

  • In this country alone, people spend $13.19 BILLION dollars on Valentine’s day gifts. Too bad the USA divorce rate is between 40 and 50 percent. That’s a lot of money to spend on someone you’re likely to hate someday…
  • Let’s talk about dumb people! 14% of women mail themselves flowers. How is this even a thing?
  • If that entire country statistic didn’t surprise you the average person who DOES spend money on Valentine’s day (61.8%) spends a whopping $116.21.
  • Now let’s talk about greedy people! 53% of women said they would end their relationship if their significant other doesn’t buy them anything for valentine’s day. SOMEBODY needs chocolate!
  • Hallmark has 1,400 varieties of Valentine’s cards available. This is AMERICA! People want OPTIONS!

Facts by Country

  • In China, Valentine’s Day is called Lover’s Day, a much more logical name. It is usually not celebrated on February 14th because it is too close to the Chinese New Year.
  • In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is called Friend’s day, and it is much more about friends than romance.
  • In Brazil, “Lover’s Day” is on June 12th, because February is too close to the Brazilian Carnival.
  • In Saudi Arabia, Valentine’s Day is illegal because it is “against their religion”. Iran and Pakistan have also made attempts to stop it, but have pretty much failed, as it is popular in both countries.
  • Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day like Americans do, such as France, Greece, India, Iran, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, and Pakistan.

Source: Wikipedia and Statistic Brain

What Frozen Character Are You?

By: Dexter

  1. How many sisters do you have?
  1. Zero
  2. One or more
  3. I have a sister but we don’t really talk . . .
  4. Brothers . . . I do not need sisters

2.  Where do you like to spend the winter holidays?

  1. The tropical Caribbean with piping hot chocolate in hand
  2. Anywhere as long as I am alone
  3. I’ll go anywhere if it is far away from home
  4. A mysterious hideout where I can discover unknown secrets

3.  Feelings about chocolate?

  1. I can live without it
  2. LIFE
  3. It is a major food group
  4. No opinion on the topic


4) Of the four seasons of weather, which one is your favorite?

  4. I enjoy the time between February 31  . . .


5) If you could only eat or drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  1. Hot chocolate 4ever!!!!!!
  2. white chocolate
  3. dark/milk chocolate
  4. Licorice


6)  What is your greatest fear?

  1. Clowns
  2. Snakes
  3. Tarantulas
  4. The dark


7) Choose your favorite baby name.

  1. Michael
  2. Michelle
  3. Mitchell
  4. Garfunkel

The results . . .

If you have chosen mostly 1, then you are Olaf. You enjoy the sweltering weather and you are an independent spirit. You the words of wisdom and people come to you for sage advice. In general you are a jolly person who loves almost everything.

If you chose mostly 2, then you are the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa. Everyone enjoys their alone time but you love being alone all the time. Most people would say your have a sister, but you really know that Anna is the furthest thing from a sister. Everyone truly loves you, so don’t worry about the little things.

If you have chosen mostly 3,  then you are Anna the Princess of Arendelle. Being the princess you feel like you are under the queen’s shadow, that can be difficult sometimes. The common person may think being princess has its’ perks, but it is just a life of solitude. Do not be in despair because you will one day meet the soulmate of your dreams.

The final option is 4, this mean that you share many characteristics with the Duke of Weselton. He is more of a recluse and enjoys destroying dynasties of fictional worlds. Like him, you enjoy building great empires, but also watching them crumble.

Puppy Bowl Facts

By: Brennen & Dylan

This year it’s team Fluff Vs team Ruff. It’s the 11 season and it looks interesting. Last years MVP was Loren. This year over 12.4 million people watched it. That’s everyone in Chicago, New York, and Half of Los Angeles watched the puppy bowl over the Super Bowl. So you should enjoy it with the other millions enjoying. The kitty halftime show is looking amazing this year, maybe even better than the regular super bowl halftime show. Everyone in America is watching. But that’s a lot of pressure on this little dogs. So do you think that it’s animal abuse or love?