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By: Shreeya S. Hypoglycemia has caused a lot of trouble to people. It is when the glucose goes below 70 mg/dL. Glucose is blood sugar, depending on the level of blood sugar, you could get hypoglycemia.17% of the world have hypoglycemia and one out of twenty of the people die from it. Occasionally, it occurs […]

Guest Post from Service Learning Class: Jeffrey Dog abuse is very aggressive and sad. People choose to hurt innocent animals for no reason at all. People choke, shoot, drown, and hang the dog just for entertainment. The most abused animal in the world is the dog. People also set the dogs on fire and watch […]

By: Kira M. Valentine’s Day is romantic- and EXPENSIVE! It also tends to have a different meaning in different countries. Let’s take a look. USA Statistics In this country alone, people spend $13.19 BILLION dollars on Valentine’s day gifts. Too bad the USA divorce rate is between 40 and 50 percent. That’s a lot of […]

By: Dexter How many sisters do you have? Zero One or more I have a sister but we don’t really talk . . . Brothers . . . I do not need sisters 2.  Where do you like to spend the winter holidays? The tropical Caribbean with piping hot chocolate in hand Anywhere as long […]

By: Brennen & Dylan This year it’s team Fluff Vs team Ruff. It’s the 11 season and it looks interesting. Last years MVP was Loren. This year over 12.4 million people watched it. That’s everyone in Chicago, New York, and Half of Los Angeles watched the puppy bowl over the Super Bowl. So you should […]