Bye Walgreens CEO!

By Anish A.

The Walgreens CEO Greg Wasson will retire after Walgreens merges with Alliance Boot. Alliance Boot is an English company that is the biggest drugstore in the U.K. The replacement CEO will be Alliance Boot chairman Stefano Pessina. Wasson has been the Walgreens CEO since 2009. Italian billionaire Stefan Pessina is said to gain $245 million when the stock markets open on Thursday December 11, 2014. When Pessina becomes CEO he will be the strongest man in one of the biggest drug stores in the world. His worth is $10.6 billion. Walgreens had purchased 45% of Alliance Boots in 2012. In August, Walgreens announced that it would by the remaining 55% of Alliance Boots. Walgreens stocks have rose since the merger.