Daniel Wright 8th Grade Basketball Teams

By: Sydney G.

Daniel Wright’s 8th-grade boy’s basketball teams are both nearly undefeated at this point in the season. The Green and White Teams both display excellent teamwork on and off the court. Players are encouraging to teammates throughout the games and show exceptional sportsmanship to the opposing team. Hayden B., Collin L., Stevie B., Luke C., Topher S., Travis K., Andrew P., Julio A., Nick W., Jackson B., Tejas K., and Tim Y. are all on the White team, managed by Angela S. Currently Tejas has the highest vertical jump on the team with an astounding height of 24.5 inches. Travis is the team’s tallest player. The Green team’s players are Charlie K., John G., Joey R., Michael T., Jack X., Zach K., Jack L., Ryan M., Cole O., Brendan C., Zach B., and Alex S. and are managed by Erica B. and Erica S. Currently Brendan holds the record for highest vertical jump on the Green team with a height of 24 inches. Ryan is the tallest player on the Green team. We wish both teams good luck in the upcoming playoffs!