Dog Abuse

Guest Post from Service Learning Class: Jeffrey

Dog abuse is very aggressive and sad. People choose to hurt innocent animals for no reason at all. People choke, shoot, drown, and hang the dog just for entertainment. The most abused animal in the world is the dog. People also set the dogs on fire and watch them burn to death. You can stop dog abuse by calling the cops and by letting people know around your neighborhood that there is a person that abused their dog.

Signs of dog abuse:

1 leaving animal outside 24/7 through harsh weather

2 the constant stress of the dog

3 lots of bones showing from under the skin

4 lots of shaking from the dog

5 lots of flinching from the dog

Dog abuse and fighting is illegal but people do not listen. Who would enjoy killing such a smart and cute living animal? Thousands of dogs around the world get abused and attacked by people. Dog fighting is a highly illegal activity done by many people. In this activity there is two dogs that people buy and give them drugs to make them stronger for this activity. When the people put the dogs in the ring there is a guy that tells the owners to let the dogs go and then they fight. The only way the fight ends is if one of the dogs die or are not able to fight anymore. The money prize for this activity can be up to 50,000 dollars. If one of the dogs lose the owner of that dog will either kill the dog or constantly hit it. Most dogfights have bait dogs. Bait dogs are little puppies that can’t fight back. They get very hurt or can die. If you ever see dog fighting happening call the police because the dog fighters could have weapons and you could get hurt or killed.