How To make holiday decorations!

By: Kira M.

There are many types of holiday decorations, but we will focus on two. These are the paper snowflakes and a snowman door!

Paper Snowflakes:

Fold a piece of paper in half, and cut some shapes out of the folded side. Then fold it again, and cut some more shapes. Keep doing this 3 or four times. When you unfold the whole thing, it will look like a real snowflake! A good tip is to use white paper so it looks more like a snowflake.

Snowman Door:

This is a little more complicated than paper snowflakes. The first thing you want to do is get a white sheet of paper the size of your door. You may need to go to a crafts store for this. The second thing is to tape the white paper onto the door. Next, take gray pieces of paper and make two half inch grey pieces of paper the width of your door. Tape them onto the door, leaving 3 even sections of white paper. Cut out 3 button sized black circles and put them on the middle section of the snowman, in a centered line downwards with equal space in between. Then you can add branch shaped brown pieces of paper for arms. The last step is the face. You will need two black circles for eyes and cut a triangle in orange paper for a carrot nose. You can have a mouth of any color. You can even get creative and add a scarf or hat, customize your snowman to your liking.