Thing to do in winter break

By: Natalie A.

During winter break are you staying at home?

Are all of your friends going away?

If so, you must be board, but with my help hopefully your holiday season will be a little bit brighter.

  1. Bake cookies for your family.
  2. Try out different looks. You may look better with an afro.
  3. Prank call your Uncle Scott. (everyone has an Uncle scott.)
  4. Decorate your house for the holidays.
  5. Watch some reality television.
  6. Bake holiday cookies
  7. Beg your parents for the iphone 6.
  8. Buy orbeez soothing spa and get free shipping with amazon prime.
  9. Throw away your orbeez after breaking each one.
  10. Read the DW voice!!

Hopefully this made you laugh, and gave you some ideas for activities over the long break.