Valentines Day Facts and Statistics

By: Kira M.

Valentine’s Day is romantic- and EXPENSIVE! It also tends to have a different meaning in different countries. Let’s take a look.

USA Statistics

  • In this country alone, people spend $13.19 BILLION dollars on Valentine’s day gifts. Too bad the USA divorce rate is between 40 and 50 percent. That’s a lot of money to spend on someone you’re likely to hate someday…
  • Let’s talk about dumb people! 14% of women mail themselves flowers. How is this even a thing?
  • If that entire country statistic didn’t surprise you the average person who DOES spend money on Valentine’s day (61.8%) spends a whopping $116.21.
  • Now let’s talk about greedy people! 53% of women said they would end their relationship if their significant other doesn’t buy them anything for valentine’s day. SOMEBODY needs chocolate!
  • Hallmark has 1,400 varieties of Valentine’s cards available. This is AMERICA! People want OPTIONS!

Facts by Country

  • In China, Valentine’s Day is called Lover’s Day, a much more logical name. It is usually not celebrated on February 14th because it is too close to the Chinese New Year.
  • In Finland and Estonia, Valentine’s Day is called Friend’s day, and it is much more about friends than romance.
  • In Brazil, “Lover’s Day” is on June 12th, because February is too close to the Brazilian Carnival.
  • In Saudi Arabia, Valentine’s Day is illegal because it is “against their religion”. Iran and Pakistan have also made attempts to stop it, but have pretty much failed, as it is popular in both countries.
  • Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day like Americans do, such as France, Greece, India, Iran, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, and Pakistan.

Source: Wikipedia and Statistic Brain