What Frozen Character Are You?

By: Dexter

  1. How many sisters do you have?
  1. Zero
  2. One or more
  3. I have a sister but we don’t really talk . . .
  4. Brothers . . . I do not need sisters

2.  Where do you like to spend the winter holidays?

  1. The tropical Caribbean with piping hot chocolate in hand
  2. Anywhere as long as I am alone
  3. I’ll go anywhere if it is far away from home
  4. A mysterious hideout where I can discover unknown secrets

3.  Feelings about chocolate?

  1. I can live without it
  2. LIFE
  3. It is a major food group
  4. No opinion on the topic


4) Of the four seasons of weather, which one is your favorite?

  4. I enjoy the time between February 31  . . .


5) If you could only eat or drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  1. Hot chocolate 4ever!!!!!!
  2. white chocolate
  3. dark/milk chocolate
  4. Licorice


6)  What is your greatest fear?

  1. Clowns
  2. Snakes
  3. Tarantulas
  4. The dark


7) Choose your favorite baby name.

  1. Michael
  2. Michelle
  3. Mitchell
  4. Garfunkel

The results . . .

If you have chosen mostly 1, then you are Olaf. You enjoy the sweltering weather and you are an independent spirit. You the words of wisdom and people come to you for sage advice. In general you are a jolly person who loves almost everything.

If you chose mostly 2, then you are the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa. Everyone enjoys their alone time but you love being alone all the time. Most people would say your have a sister, but you really know that Anna is the furthest thing from a sister. Everyone truly loves you, so don’t worry about the little things.

If you have chosen mostly 3,  then you are Anna the Princess of Arendelle. Being the princess you feel like you are under the queen’s shadow, that can be difficult sometimes. The common person may think being princess has its’ perks, but it is just a life of solitude. Do not be in despair because you will one day meet the soulmate of your dreams.

The final option is 4, this mean that you share many characteristics with the Duke of Weselton. He is more of a recluse and enjoys destroying dynasties of fictional worlds. Like him, you enjoy building great empires, but also watching them crumble.