Which Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Award Books Should You Read?

1.Your favorite activities include…

  1. Camping and interacting with your many pets.
  2. Painting, dancing, and playing an instrument.
  3. Studying and reading.
  4. Listening to obscure bands and writing poetry based on teen angst.


  1. Your best friend is…
  1. Your pet.
  2. Your sketchbook.
  3. Your novel of choice.
  4. You’re a bit antisocial.


  1. Your favorite color is…
  1. Green
  2. Red. No, Orange. Or maybe yellow. It’s a hard choice.
  3. Mauve, taupe, and vermillion.
  4. A neutral tone of black or grey.


  1. Your family would describe you as…
  1. Natural
  2. Creative
  3. Intelligent
  4. Unique


  1. Your favorite subject in school is…
  1. Natural Science
  2. Art and Music
  3. Any class that involves traditional learning
  4. Lunch


  1. Your favorite movie has…
  1. More animals than humans in it.
  2. A beautiful soundtrack
  3. Lots of dialogue and complex themes
  4. Offbeat humor


  1. Your second home is…
  1. The park
  2. A dance studio
  3. The library
  4. Your room

If you got mostly 1’s….

Read Saving Zasha, The Five Lives of Our Cat Zook and The One and Only Ivan. They contains creatures from a cat to a gorilla, and depict the connection between humans and the natural world. All are perfect choices for an animal lover like yourself.

If you got mostly 2’s….

Read Tuesdays at the Castle, The Clockwork Three, and Chuck Close: Face Book. The fine arts play an integral role in these books, and violinists and doodlers alike will satisfy their craving for creativity with these works.

If you got mostly 3’s…..

Read Slob, Ungifted, and Legend. These novels contain characters who are almost as smart as you are, with tests of logic and wit to boot. You’ll be sure to enjoy the academic pursuits of these geniuses.

If you got mostly 4’s….

Read One for the Murphys, The False Prince, and Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading. You’ve got an off-beat sense of humor and a spunky personality- just like the protagonists of these books. The rebellious undertones of these plotlines are sure to entertain you.