Bears Rumors

By: Dylan H.

There is a large report coming out of the Bears community. There are reports that the Bears are going to trade their best player. And the player there trading is… Brandan Marshal. He is the offenses best player. If this is true who will we get for the pro bowl player.

Additionally, there are some less important news for the Bears. It was said that Lance Briggs will not be back for next year. He is one of our core defensive player.

Finally the Bears are interested in getting a big fish as a free agent. Yes Vince Willforx. He can help the Bears.

Who is the #1 QB

By: Dylan H.

Some people say the Jameis Winston is the best prospect. He is a very good college player no one is going to argue you on that but he might not be a very great teammate. He has a lot of off the field issues. He also does not make the greatest throwing decisions. He throws the ball into impossible windows for his wide receivers. He also had a 56.8 % on the intermediate throws. On the other hand he does have a upside. He is very athletic and can take big hit. He has the ability to avoid a sack and throw it down the field.

Others say Marcus Mariota is the better QB. He is very fast and quick for his position. Running a 4.52 forty yard dash. He can also get out of the pocket and run. He can throw a pretty good ball as well. But he does have trouble holding onto the ball, he had 27 fumbles in his college career. He also takes a lot of unnecessary sacks instead of throwing it. He will also tuck his head down and run if he is being rushed which might is one reason why he gets sacked a quite a bit.

Who do you think is better?