Can You Cut the Cable Today?

By: Zach C.

With streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more, it is possible to cut out cable (Comcast, DirectTV, Dish). New services such as Playstation Vue and Sling have made this choice more viable than ever. About a year ago, the avid lover of television in me, made getting rid of TV difficult. My family’s decision to finally cut the cable has made major dividends as of late. I have found myself watching the latest episodes of Modern Family on Hulu and live Bulls games on TNT through Sling TV. With all of these unique services with different options within them, there is no real reason to keep a restrictive, expensive, and monotonous cable plan. Hulu and Netflix allow users to watch their shows when they want to, even after a year the show or season has aired. Sling TV allows sports fanatics to watch live college sports on ESPN, ESPN2, and TNT, and Google Play is great for renting new movies to watch across all of your devices. The question people used asked themselves was: Can I really cut the cable? People should now stand up grab the wire cutter and declare: I CAN cut the cable.