Color Coded Personalities

By: Spencer G.

Use your favorite color to determine your personality

RED: You are very competitive and never want to lose. You will go the extra mile to be the best. You won’t settle for okay. Everything must be perfect.

ORANGE: You like spicy foods and are really wild. You are always excited to try new things and are spontaneous.

YELLOW: You are easily messed with. You are a trouble maker.  You are a quick learner and you are always first to help somebody.

GREEN: You are connected to the outdoors and nature and will never hurt a single creature. You feel at home when up high. You can always make somebody laugh.

BLUE: You are a very relaxed person who always goes with the flow. You are always really confident in who you are and love to learn new things.

PURPLE: You can always think clearly even in the middle of a problem and lots of people think of you as a leader.

PINK: Your favorite season is spring and you like fresh air. In order for a good day to occur, you need lots of sleep.

BROWN: You are lazy and your dream would be to lay in bed all day and eat pizza and play video games.

BLACK: You like everything to stay the same and to be in charge. You like to sit down to a good meal and dig in.

OTHER: If you like a color not listed here then you are one of a kind and unique. Not many people understand you but that doesn’t stop you from trying new things.