Harvard History

By: Sabrina X.

Harvard was founded by a man named Reverend John Harvard in 1636. Reverend John Harvard was 18 when his father died. The plague had arrived and it had killed his four siblings. Because of his father’s estate, Reverend John Harvard had gotten and extra 300 dollars. Eleven years later his mother died, after she she married another man, whose was a affluent barrel-maker. Reverend John Harvard had fled to the religious repression of England for America, sailing with his wife and brother, who died en route, leaving another fortune for John Harvard. John harvard had settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts in 1637. He assisted in a church over there.  Barley after a year  Reverend John Harvard died, leaving no will as to who he would give all the money to. He only requested his world possessions, which was about $1,600. He said he wanted them to use this money to be split evenly between his widow and making a fund for a new college.This college would be for the village of Newton( which was renamed Cambridge). In 1639 the school was named Harvard, in honor of John Harvard.