How To: Spring Break

By: Kira M.

Some unfortunate people are not going anywhere for spring break this year. It’s happened to me, and it definitely sucks. But here are some ways to pretend you are on spring break when really you are reading this.


  1. Print out pictures of exotic plants. It will set the mood for internet browsing for an entire week.
  2. Make a bunch of noises until it sounds like an airplane taking off. Bonus: Be so loud that your siblings (if you have any) get annoyed.
  3. Eat a lot of food. Everyone eats a lot of food when they are on vacation. Just find food and stockpile it in your room.
  4. Facetime your friends and pretend you are with them. If they are in another country, you might not be able to, but try anyway. They might even get you a gift (true story!).
  5. Wear one of those fake flower necklace things if you can find one.
  6. Take a walk around your house and pretend you are hiking in some faraway place.
  7. Watch YouTubers who are vlogging their spring breaks. Living through someone else’s spring break will make you feel like you’re there.
  8. Sneak into someone’s suitcase. Or don’t because you will probably be marked as a missing person and go to juvenile prison. But was it worth it?
  9. Sleep. Maybe you’ll go to Hawaii in your dreams.