Sledding Banned in Cities Across the Nation

By: Zach C.

For decades, American children have looked forward to the first snowfall of the year for a single reason: sledding. This virtually free activity has attracted children because of its accessibility and entertainment. However, many cities across the country and banning the winter pastime, and for a surprisingly reasonable rationale.

With more and more annual sledding injuries, come snowballing costs. Towns like Boone, Iowa have had to pay millions of dollars to injured sledders. In Boone’s case, the town had to pay a woman who hit a concrete block $12 million because she claimed negligence on the city’s part. A little girl from Nebraska was paralyzed after hitting a tree and received 2.4 million dollars from her city. Many people support this reasoning because kids are careless and will continue to be; hurting themselves despite their parents warnings.

On the other side however, parents are arguing that their towns are being inane, for sledding enhanced, brightened, and defined their childhoods. George Phillies, the libertarian chairman of Massachusetts, claims “Banning sledding is un-American.” The simple topic of sledding has appeared to become a much more politically saturated, with city mayors and libertarians facing off. No matter the outcome of the sled bans, one can only hope that there is an exhilarating, but cautious approach to the American past-time of sledding.