How To Not Be Bored During Summer Break

By: Kira M.

Summer is soon. Very, very soon. Many of us are doing summer school, but plenty of us won’t be. And we all know that even though everyone likes summer better than school, it can get boring sometimes. Well, not anymore! Here’s 10 things you can do to not be bored in summer.

  1. Bake something. Think of this as preparing yourself for your future. If you don’t want to be overweight, you will probably end up cooking unless somehow in the future restaurants become healthy.
  2. Watch shows. You think you’ve watched every show, but you haven’t. Look in the tiny corners of Netflix and a strange, unknown TV show WILL appear. Watch it. Watch them all. Make it your goal to see everything on Netflix. Your entire life will be free of boredom.
  3. Go outside? Outside is a very strange place. Bikes are objects that can be sometimes be mildly entertaining, so it’s an option. Beware of bugs and things and cars and possibly even seeing other humans . It’s a scary world out there, folks. But seriously, watch out for the bugs. They could kill you. Or not.
  4. Get a social media account. Some Daniel Wright teachers even have a Twitter, so you could look at that.
  5. Shopkins. They are these little things with faces and they are shaped like things. You can collect them, and some of them are rare, and there’s more than 150 of them, and… I NEED them. You need them too. Can we just create a shopkins collecting club?           Pro tip: Watch shopkins unboxing videos if I haven’t sold you yet.
  6. Read more DW Voice articles. This one should be obvious… We are the best!
  7. Write something. It could be a book. Someday you will find it and read it and think “Wow, I’m glad that was never published.” Or maybe, on the rare chance that it actually ends up being a good book, you could make millions. It’s a win-win situation here.
  8. Just be on the internet. It’s an infinite place, and you never know when learning about some strange scientific topics could lead you to cat videos. Somehow everything can lead you to cat videos. Don’t ask why, it’s how the internet works.
  9. Read a book. Even reading fiction will teach you random facts about the world. While reading Luv Ya Bunches like 3 years ago I learned what trans fats were. Even the most superficial books can teach you important things.

Tech Shorts #2: The Martin Jetpack

By: Eric Z.

This is one of the first practical jetpacks made by Martin Jetpacks. Finally, actual flying without a plane, parachute, or glider. Unlike the jetpack Jetpack Man, Yves Rossy, uses, you can land without a parachute. It can run for 30 minutes, and it can fly at top speeds around 45 miles per hour. The Martin Jetpack is often compared to the helicopter due to its propeller based propulsion system. It is more compact, so you could eventually fly between buildings, if it is legal. The company will develop more jetpacks for leisure in the near future.

Tech Shorts: #1 HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) Exoskeleton Suit

By: Eric Z.

In an effort to present you with more tech news more often, we are starting series of articles called tech shorts. This is the first of the series, in which we will be covering shorter but more interesting topics and inventions.

CyberDyne, a Japanese company is developing an exoskeleton suit that can help disabled people walk to up to 2.5 miles per hour. Might not seem like a lot, but it is definitely an improvement to sitting all the time. Another great thing about this suit is that if you wear it you can lift up to 5 times the wait you could carry before. This is a 50-pound suit has a 100-volt battery that needs to be charged every 3 hours. The suit costs around $14,000 to $20,000. This is also used in about 130 hospitals in Japan. It is the first suit to ever to have the Global Safety Certificate.