By: Kira M. Summer is soon. Very, very soon. Many of us are doing summer school, but plenty of us won’t be. And we all know that even though everyone likes summer better than school, it can get boring sometimes. Well, not anymore! Here’s 10 things you can do to not be bored in summer. […]

By: Eric Z. This is one of the first practical jetpacks made by Martin Jetpacks. Finally, actual flying without a plane, parachute, or glider. Unlike the jetpack Jetpack Man, Yves Rossy, uses, you can land without a parachute. It can run for 30 minutes, and it can fly at top speeds around 45 miles per […]

By: Eric Z. In an effort to present you with more tech news more often, we are starting series of articles called tech shorts. This is the first of the series, in which we will be covering shorter but more interesting topics and inventions. CyberDyne, a Japanese company is developing an exoskeleton suit that can […]