Spanish Short Stories: Los Cuentos

Practice your Spanish by reading these stories created by Senora Vincent’s students.

Jorge el monstruo- 2nd period

Anoche en las montañas misteriosas, fue un monstruo se llamó Jorge. Jorge tuvo hambre, pero no había comida en las montañas. Un día, Juan quiso esquiar en las montañas entonces Juan compró el equipo de esquiar. Juan corrió a las montañas. Juan esquió por todo el día. El monstruo miró a Juan. Jorge tuvo mucho hambre y Juan miró bueno. Juan esquió y el monstruo después de Juan. Juan esquió con su amigo, José. José fue triste porque el monstruo fue su hermano. José habló con Jorge y Jorge no quiso comer Juan. ¡Jorge quiso comer el tocino en la chaqueta de Juan!


Juan y El Garaje- 3rd period

Esta la noche, el garaje del Juan es muy sucio y desordenado. La madre de Juan dice “¡Juan, limpia el garaje ahora!” Juan va al garaje para limpiar con los pantalones. A él no le gusta el garaje. Juan piensa una bruja vive en el garaje, pero necesita limpiar allí. Cuando está limpiando, Juan escucha algo. “¿Quién está allí?” pregunta Juan. Entonces, una bruja viene de detrás del coche. Juan grita “¡AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Entonces, Juan corre para la casa.


Javier y Sophie- 4th period

El año pasado … cuando hace mucho frio … Javier esquió en Mount Everest. Esquiar en Mount Everest es muy difícil. Pero, Javier, y su perro Sophie, son muy deportistas. Cuando Javier y Sophie estuvieron encima de Mount Everest. Sophie caminó lejos de Javier. él miró y miró para Sophie cuando el esquió.

“Sophie no está aquí!” Javier habló.

Entonces, Sophie caminó a Javier. Sophie y Javier entonces esquíaron en Mount Everest.

Ahora, Javier y Sophie viven en Lincolnshire. Pero, cada fin de semana, Javier y Sophie van a las montañas para esquiar.


Marcela y el perro- 6th period

Hay una cama. El despertador está en la mesita al lado de la cama. “¡Sonido!” Ella salta de la cama. Ella corre a la ventana y salta. Ella ahora, está en un coche. Durante la acción, el perro está caminando al lado del coche. Ella salta encima del perro y mata el perro. El perro tiene solo un año. ¡Qué triste! Marcela está triste. La madre de Marcela sale de la casa y dice “¡Haz tus quehaceres!” Marcela pone el perro en la basura. Va a la casa y hace los quehaceres.

Tech Shorts: #7 Apple Watch

By Eric Z. and Anish A.

Note: This is the last Tech Shorts of the school year. Hopefully we can post during summer!

You may think the Apple Watch is a watch, it does more just keep time. It can download many different apps, but that’s not the point, it has many new innovations. One of the less obvious but cooler technologies is the touch screen. Wait? Touch screen. That was only cool in the late 20th century, and it’s a normal thing now. Apple has added one ingenious feature to this technology, it senses how hard you are pressing with, a technology called force touch. It opens a whole new world to technology making buttons slightly more insignificant. Another thing that is new is it’s digital crown. This small wheel controls everything from zooming to being a home button. In between that list includes: scrolling, adjusting, and calling for siri. There is two more features to the Apple Watch. The button below (or above depending on which hand you wear it on) is the contacts button, it immediately brings up your most viewed contacts. In contacts you find the final feature, digital touch. You can tap to get someone with an Apple Watch’s attention, or send a quick sketch. This feature also allows you to send your own heartbeat to your close ones. There are a few more features I haven’t talked about, but this is a short.

Enjoy your summer!

They Can’t Help Themselves But YOU Can Help Them

By Spencer G.

When you go home and wash your hands look at the label of your soap. See if it has a picture of a bunny that looks like one of the shown symbols. If so, it means it’s cruelty free. Cruelty free means that it is not tested on animals. When animals are used for lab testing they are kept in bare cages with little or nothing to play with. They are scared and helpless while humans to do tests that they they think are too dangerous to do on other humans.

To test perfume and cologne they might spray it in a rabbit’s eye. Their eye might get all swollen and they may become blind, just so you can have another scent. You know how there’s 15 different shades of red nail polish? If they decide to make a 16th or 17th shade of red nail polish, they might kill a few hundred animals trying to get the perfect one that’s safe and looks good.

Sometimes, things can be safe when tested on animals but not on humans. Humans and rats are so different that it is very unlikely for cancer cures that help rodents to work on humans. We kill over 100 million mice and rats every year during testing. Anesthesia is almost never used in animal tests.

Testing labs can order cancer-prone mice and other disease prone animals from specific websites. When mice are cancer-prone, they have a nearly 100% chance of getting cancer as they get older. These labs want cancer-prone mice because cancer cures can only be tested on these mice. This system is cruel and inhumane.

Unfair animal tests are done to almost all species. Remember, they can’t help themselves but you can help them. #fightcruelty

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CNN Student News Features Daniel Wright on Roll Call!

By Kira M.

Our very own school, Daniel Wright Junior High School, has been featured on the CNN Student News segment Roll Call! This happened on May 7th 2015. The exact line was, “Now, it makes sense that the village of Lincolnshire would be in the land of Lincoln. That`s Illinois. It’s where the Trojans are watching. Hello, Daniel Wright Junior High School.”


Student News is posted online every weekday, and shows news in a way that middle and high schoolers can better understand. Carl Azuz, the host, names 3 schools that have submitted their name into Roll Call- in other words, 3 schools that watch Student News get their name on the show each day.


This comes about 1 week after Daniel Wright 8th grader Aisha S. got retweeted by Carl Azuz about the end music on Friday being sad. Carl Azuz typed the melancholy music often fits the news.

The last time Daniel Wright made it on Student News was on October 18th, 2010, when Shelby Erdman said, “Today’s Shoutout goes out to Mrs. Roler’s students at Daniel Wright Junior High in Lincolnshire, Illinois!” in an older version of roll call that featured only one school and was part of the shoutout segment.