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Practice your Spanish by reading these stories created by Senora Vincent’s students. Jorge el monstruo- 2nd period Anoche en las montañas misteriosas, fue un monstruo se llamó Jorge. Jorge tuvo hambre, pero no había comida en las montañas. Un día, Juan quiso esquiar en las montañas entonces Juan compró el equipo de esquiar. Juan corrió […]

Learn to Make: Greek Orzo Salad

By Eric Z. and Anish A. Note: This is the last Tech Shorts of the school year. Hopefully we can post during summer! You may think the Apple Watch is a watch, it does more just keep time. It can download many different apps, but that’s not the point, it has many new innovations. One […]

By Spencer G. When you go home and wash your hands look at the label of your soap. See if it has a picture of a bunny that looks like one of the shown symbols. If so, it means it’s cruelty free. Cruelty free means that it is not tested on animals. When animals are […]

By Kira M. Our very own school, Daniel Wright Junior High School, has been featured on the CNN Student News segment Roll Call! This happened on May 7th 2015. The exact line was, “Now, it makes sense that the village of Lincolnshire would be in the land of Lincoln. That`s Illinois. It’s where the Trojans […]