CNN Student News Features Daniel Wright on Roll Call!

By Kira M.

Our very own school, Daniel Wright Junior High School, has been featured on the CNN Student News segment Roll Call! This happened on May 7th 2015. The exact line was, “Now, it makes sense that the village of Lincolnshire would be in the land of Lincoln. That`s Illinois. It’s where the Trojans are watching. Hello, Daniel Wright Junior High School.”


Student News is posted online every weekday, and shows news in a way that middle and high schoolers can better understand. Carl Azuz, the host, names 3 schools that have submitted their name into Roll Call- in other words, 3 schools that watch Student News get their name on the show each day.


This comes about 1 week after Daniel Wright 8th grader Aisha S. got retweeted by Carl Azuz about the end music on Friday being sad. Carl Azuz typed the melancholy music often fits the news.

The last time Daniel Wright made it on Student News was on October 18th, 2010, when Shelby Erdman said, “Today’s Shoutout goes out to Mrs. Roler’s students at Daniel Wright Junior High in Lincolnshire, Illinois!” in an older version of roll call that featured only one school and was part of the shoutout segment.