Tech Shorts: #3 Graphene

By Eric Z.

This is probably the MOST exciting thing I have ever written about (there has not much to compete with). It’s everything you want it to be; it’s strong, easy to make, and durable. Adding on to that short yet amazing list of properties, it’s cheap and can be used for everything. It can: heal living cells, act as a battery, make airtight bottles, exoskeleton suits, extra parts, etc. What is this super material made of? Carbon, the sixth most abundant material in the universe! It is directly behind nitrogen, what our atmosphere is made of. Right now, there is not a lot known about its possible uses, it’s a few decades old, but it can become many things. Dream about a world where everything is how you imagined; phones never need charging, nanobots that stop pollution, cool contact lenses that show you information through holographs (we have an upcoming article on this), and much more. I can’t think of everything that it can do. Wait, there is one thing you have to know before you get really excited and throw a party about graphene, it’s hard to work with. That’s why we can’t make graphene super phones. It slows down our progress rate but still, GRAPHENE, it’s amazing and we look forward to seeing how it will affect the future.