Tech Shorts: #5 The Mirai

By Eric Z.

Toyota has developed an efficient, and green car. The Mirai is a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, and it does not release greenhouse gases. Instead it creates water and releases it out from the back. Hydrogen can be found almost anywhere. It’s even contained in garbage, manure, dead bodies, and more! The fuel cell is not the only cool part in this car. Toyota made this car have a very low center of gravity. What does that even do? Well, if you are scared of the car turning over from a crash, that won’t happen because of the low center of gravity. The car is also easier to control, for the same reason. Soundproof metal and acoustic glass makes anything you say inside the car inaudible to the outside, and makes everything outside calm and quiet. A nice, peaceful drive without beeping of the cars is a welcome sight to many modern drivers. The efficiency surpasses any electric car, 310 miles per fill of hydrogen, passing the record by 45 miles. There is only one problem with this car: refueling stations are scarce. Even with all this cool technology, it’s hard to find a hydrogen stations. Plus only one state is deciding to make a change: California. Hopefully, hydrogen station will be everywhere by 2020.