Tech Shorts: #6 Willow Glass

By Eric Z. and Anish A.

Willow Glass, made by Corning is the most durable and flexible glass ever made. Willow Glass can be used to make phones, and the unique properties of the glass allow the phone to be flexible. Also known as Gorilla Glass, this glass can be bent with ease, like rubber sheet. In one of the commercials, The Mythbusters said it was the age of glass, everything is made out of glass. Your computer screen, your bottles, your windows, think of a piece of modern technology without glass. You probably couldn’t think of anything. If you did it probably had optical fibers to transfer data. The new style of architecture is mainly based on large windows, or sheets of glass. What could we do with this glass? Maybe we could coat metals or anything to make it indestructible. Another thing everyone can relate to, NO MORE CRACKED PHONE SCREENS! How awesome is that? Thank god it is already in all our small devices! Technology is all around you. Hopefully, in the future, car windows will be stronger with this incredibly durable glass.