Tech Shorts: #7 Apple Watch

By Eric Z. and Anish A.

Note: This is the last Tech Shorts of the school year. Hopefully we can post during summer!

You may think the Apple Watch is a watch, it does more just keep time. It can download many different apps, but that’s not the point, it has many new innovations. One of the less obvious but cooler technologies is the touch screen. Wait? Touch screen. That was only cool in the late 20th century, and it’s a normal thing now. Apple has added one ingenious feature to this technology, it senses how hard you are pressing with, a technology called force touch. It opens a whole new world to technology making buttons slightly more insignificant. Another thing that is new is it’s digital crown. This small wheel controls everything from zooming to being a home button. In between that list includes: scrolling, adjusting, and calling for siri. There is two more features to the Apple Watch. The button below (or above depending on which hand you wear it on) is the contacts button, it immediately brings up your most viewed contacts. In contacts you find the final feature, digital touch. You can tap to get someone with an Apple Watch’s attention, or send a quick sketch. This feature also allows you to send your own heartbeat to your close ones. There are a few more features I haven’t talked about, but this is a short.

Enjoy your summer!