The Microsoft Hololens: Bringing Holographs into Real Life

By Zach C.

Remember seeing Princess Leia in R2-D2’s hologram for the first time? Well those are now a reality; and they are even cooler than the grainy, blue images the little metal robot projected in Star Wars. Microsoft has invented a new headset that projects holograms for the user to see. This innovative tech from Microsoft could revolutionize the personal computer market. Imagine a browser open on your desktop, with all of your favorite websites being displayed. Now imagine this same image but instead of the browser open on your computer, it is hovering directly in front of your face. Next, vision a coffee table with the weather being displayed over a 3D image of your current location This technology is not a prototype or a rumoured project, it has been revealed, and is promised for consumer purchase sometime during the lifespan of Windows 10. These seemingly magical glasses are actually packed with cutting edge sensors, displays, and audio systems. The release date for this tech is not known, but I am especially looking forward to their public release and seeing how this futuristic headset will affect the world of tomorrow.