They Can’t Help Themselves But YOU Can Help Them

By Spencer G.

When you go home and wash your hands look at the label of your soap. See if it has a picture of a bunny that looks like one of the shown symbols. If so, it means it’s cruelty free. Cruelty free means that it is not tested on animals. When animals are used for lab testing they are kept in bare cages with little or nothing to play with. They are scared and helpless while humans to do tests that they they think are too dangerous to do on other humans.

To test perfume and cologne they might spray it in a rabbit’s eye. Their eye might get all swollen and they may become blind, just so you can have another scent. You know how there’s 15 different shades of red nail polish? If they decide to make a 16th or 17th shade of red nail polish, they might kill a few hundred animals trying to get the perfect one that’s safe and looks good.

Sometimes, things can be safe when tested on animals but not on humans. Humans and rats are so different that it is very unlikely for cancer cures that help rodents to work on humans. We kill over 100 million mice and rats every year during testing. Anesthesia is almost never used in animal tests.

Testing labs can order cancer-prone mice and other disease prone animals from specific websites. When mice are cancer-prone, they have a nearly 100% chance of getting cancer as they get older. These labs want cancer-prone mice because cancer cures can only be tested on these mice. This system is cruel and inhumane.

Unfair animal tests are done to almost all species. Remember, they can’t help themselves but you can help them. #fightcruelty

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