By: Mariam

It’s Halloween, you want to do something fun, but all your friends are busy. They are either trick or treating with their other friends (how rude), or “too cool” to trick or treat (seriously, FREE CANDY!! Why wouldn’t you want to trick or treat???). Your parents have a few friends over, your siblings have their friends over, but you don’t want to socialize with any of them. Sometimes, Halloween can be more fun alone.

  1. Watch some scary movies!

They don’t even have to be scary movies, choose any movie that floats your boat. There are also some funny/not so scary Halloween movies. Grab a good movie, find a comfy spot, and begin viewing. Pick out a few movies for a fun filled Halloween movie marathon!

  1. Designate yourself the official candy distributor

Someone has to pass out the candy! What’s better than giving the delicious gift of candy to people you don’t even know?  Getting to snack on your favorite sweets while you wait! Even better, help an elderly neighbor who can’t move around as much, but still wants to see the kids.

  1. Bake/cook something awesome!

Candy is obviously the best tasting thing on Halloween, but there are TONS of Halloween recipes posted somewhere on the Internet. If it’s cupcakes, cookies, or something pumpkin shaped and awesome, it’ll be delicious.

  1. Offer to take your young neighbors out trick or treating

If your neighbors are any age below 12 they will be grateful to have a friend to take them out instead of just mom and dad, and the parents will be grateful that they don’t have to go out with the kids. Plus, it gives you an excuse to trick or treat.

  1. Dress up anyway!

Not going out on Halloween doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up. Since you aren’t going out (or seeing anyone) you can dress up as whatever you want! You could make your costume overly exaggerated (10lbs of makeup anyone?) or you could dress up in a mixture of every costume you have on hand (a ballerina-zombie-doctor-dog-clown-pirate by chance?).
At the end of the day, enjoy yourself on your alone Halloween. Don’t let your lack of social interactions get you down!