Jacob Whitesides

By: Hanvita

Jacob Whitesides is the NBT (next big thing). He released a new song called “Let’s Be Bids.”This song is a catchy song that you could listen to anytime, especially parties.His journey began when he was three years old and John Mayer released his first EP.That was when he found the courage to sing and write songs.He released his own EP when he was seventeen. Next, he posted a video of him singing. His song was a hit with 10 million views.Get this, he was only thirteen years old when he had those views.As his popularity grew, he had recieved many likes on Facebook and Twitter. Now, he is eighteen and is in the music world with important interviews.He is a pop artist that has auditioned for the X-factor.He is experienced with instruments like drums and guitar. From the start he loved music and he still does.