Panic! At The Disco New Song Released

By: Sophia and Hanvita

On October 22, pop punk band, Panic! At The Disco releases a new song “Emperor’s New Clothes” and its music video. The song is perfect for a Halloween Party, as well as their other song “Victorious” from their newest album Death Of A Bachelor, yet to be released in 2016. The song “Emperor’s New Clothes” has a catchy beat and tune, and best of all, an amazing fanfare of Brendon Urie’s high notes.

The music video begins with a continuation to the video for their song “This Is Gospel” from their previous album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die. Later, the video shows him falling to the fiery depths of the underworld, instead of the pearly gates of heaven. As you progress, you can see Brendon transforming into what looks like, the devil himself with horns, grey skin, and gigantic wings. Many people have theories about the video. Some say that in This Is Gospel, he is running away from death, and ends up dead, but some think that he is running away from life.

Whatever the theory, we can assure you that this song can make your Halloween party a bit more spookier.