Tech Shorts is BACK!

By : Eric Z.

Tech shorts one: Cyborg Suit (HAL)

Competition: Military Robot Suit

Still being researched, the military is spending 2.9 million to make a robotic suit, not just pieces of tech on your body but a piece of clothing

Tech Shorts Two: The Martin Jet Pack

Competition: Aqua-Jet

This company rents three different water-thrusting pieces of tech on a private beach in Miami, Florida. They are the jetpack, flyboard, and a hoverboard.

Tech Shorts Three: Graphene

Competition: Aerogel

Aerogel is the lightest material known to man. It is heat-resistant and is a supercapacitor (like graphene) and is almost fully transparent.

Tech Shorts Four: Vertical Farming

Competition: Hydroponics

Hydroponics is when you grow a plant without soil. If given the perfect amount of nutrients, they will grow to the best they can.

Tech Shorts Five: Toyota Mirai

Competition: Tesla Model S

This Tesla car can accelerate extremely fast. From 0 to 60 mph 3.1 seconds! Tesla has also strategically placed supercharge stations where it charges your car in minutes instead of hours. It can run up to 260 miles per charge.

Tech Shorts Six: Willow Glass

Competition: Iris Glass

A TV with this glass can be more than ½ times thinner! It has better light transmission and more!

Tech Shorts Seven: Apple Watch

Competition: Sony Smart Watch

This is barely comparable to the Apple Watch but it does have some good sides. Third-Party manufacturers can make “cases” and also it is easier to see in sunlight.


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