By: Pineapple Blueberry “That’ll be $4.50, ma’am” The barista in the coffee shop spoke with a smooth, hippie voice that begged me for money. “Oh, and we don’t take credit cards.” The barista smiled, but I wanted to tear her face off. What type of coffee shop doesn’t take a credit card? I was never […]

Watch this video to learn how to create an inverted ponytail.

By: Andrew and Eunseo

Book Review By: Molang B. This story receives a   Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard This society is divided. The Reds are regular people, just like us; the Silvers have powers that are out of this world. They think that Silvers are superior just because of these “superpowers,” and the Reds won’t disagree. They would […]

By: Pineapple Blueberry The depressing truth behind the transformation of a child into an adult during the Great Depression of America’s 1930’s. The clopping sound of horse’s hooves reverberated through the valley. The child lay on the rocks finally content after days of slowly rotting away. The kind stranger–a camera man–had given him water and […]

By: Pineapple Blueberry “A house of ivory, with windows of crystal. Hidden under the steps; a door. A door to the treasure. A door to the secret. A door to the truth.” My father’s last words echo through my head as I pace through the barren land. He died last month. On his death bed […]

By Lemon Chiffon The poem is so hard to write I am so tired Hopefully spring break will come soon Why does Mr. J give us so many group projects? The renowned Molang B. is sitting next to me That’s a vocab word Shout out to Bosley A serial killer has been created by Pineapple […]