Lost City

By: Rishabh W. 

A lost city was recently found in Honduras. A project called Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) found man-made structures over the jungle in Honduras, and the crew inside LIDAR entered the remote village. The structures were not Aztec or Mayan. The crew found a new civilization altogether! The civilization is called “White City”. Archeologists believe, however, that there are many White Cities. It was considered the most undisturbed rainforest. The site will be preserved by Honduran special forces. Honduras is saying they need international support, but they will preserve this landmark. The site was made in about 1000 AD. Many people had heard rumors about this mysterious place, but it was actually found! So another rumor has proven to be true. Which just goes to show that rumors are sometimes true.

A cache of at least 51 artifacts, found partly exposed, lie in a cache in a secret location in the Mosquitia jungle in Honduras.