New Zealand Flag Change

By: Rishabh W.

New Zealand’s flag may be changed soon! The flag has the British Union Jack, and some complain that New Zealand and Australia have very similar flags. In 1984, Australia’s Prime Minister was greeted by New Zealand flags, and John Key, New Zealand’s Prime Minister has been seated under Australian flags for some meetings. Also, some say that the Union Jack only has ties to British culture. The Maori, natives to New Zealand, are left out. However, the Union Jack also stands for the history of New Zealand, and the British Empire. There would also be a large financial cost that may be a factor why not everyone is too happy about this idea. In the latest referendum, 69% of people were against changing the flag, while only 25% supported it. In a three option poll conducted in October, 61% were against change, 12% were for, and 27% were neutral. Of some flags proposed, one is the silver fern flag. It already serves as an unofficial flag for New Zealand, and is on the country’s Coat of Arms. Besides the silver fern, other options include the Koru and the Red Peak, though there are many other less popular options. All in all, polls show that the citizens are not as excited as the politicians for a change in the flag.

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