Pierce The Veil Album Release

By: Sophia C.

Pierce The Veil, a post-hardcore band from Southern California promises a new album this year. However, many fans are skeptical mainly because the band said their album would be released in 2014. Also, the band took three years to release a single after their album, Collide With The Sky, was released in 2012.

But what exactly makes some fans so sure that the band is finally releasing their fourth album? Fearless Records posted a video in December 2015 that displayed all of the bands that would be releasing albums this year. After the video, many jokes were made among the fanbase on Tumblr such as “At this rate, My Chemical Romance is going to release an album before Pierce The Veil does”. In case you didn’t know, My Chemical Romance is a punk rock band that broke up in March, 2013. Many fans are afraid that PTV will break up before the album is released. But maybe instead waiting, do a little more research and investigating.