Technology: Nintendo Switch Console Breakdown

By: Advik N.

Edited By: Greycen R.

The Nintendo Switch has the capabilities to be played at home, and on the go. Nintendo has worked on this console for four years, ever since the Wii U came out.   

A major difference is a brand new controller. At first glance, the new controller looks like the Wii U’s Pro controller. As more of it is revealed, it is easy to spot the many differences. It looks somewhat rectangular with a D-pad, joystick, and the Nintendo Switch logo in the middle of it. It also has a grey finish to it. The side attachments can be taken off and put on the tablet included with the console.

Like the controller, the color scheme of the console is nearly identical. A green light in the bottom left indicates the remaining battery life. There is a tablet located in the middle of the console. If you add the side attachments of the controller, it becomes portable.

The Nintendo Switch is sure to be an interesting console, but will it have the potential to out do Nintendo’s older consoles?