Technology: Pokemon Sun and Moon

By: Ethan Z.

On November 18, 2016, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, two dazzling new 3DS Pokemon games, were released in multiple countries. The new games will introduce many new concepts and Pokemon, and the game is released during the year of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Both Pokemon Sun and Moon both cost $39.99.

The new starter Pokemon are Rowlet, the grass type owl that shoots feathers, Litten, the fire cat that breathes flames, and Popplio, the water type seal that shoots bubbles. Some Pokemon, such as the Alola Pokemon, Zygarde forms, and the ultra beasts, are fantastic legendaries. Their names are Solgaleo and Lunala.

The new region, Alola, is based off Hawaii. The islanders wear clothing for warm weather. The Alola region consists of four new islands: Melemele island, Ulaula island, Polu island, and Omaoma island. Their names mean red, green, yellow, and blue, the names of the original Pokemon games. Each island has a different guardian with their own special ability and type.

A part of this game that is surprising to many older Pokemon fans is that Pokemon Sun and Moon are bringing back the original trainers. Yes, none other than Trainer Red and Trainer Blue. This is one of the major parts that is making this new game more popular than ever. Also, the graphics are better and the new Pokemon is clearly pursuing a new path and it just might be better than others. One of the best Pokemon games was released on November 18th.